L'itinéraire de randonnée historique et de mémoire : histoire et patrimoine V1 en vallées de l'Yères et de la Bresle

A visitor in the Beaulieu site in Campneuseville

In the afternoon of Monday 28th May, the staff in charge of the renovation of the V1 site had the visit of a known figure in the region: Mr. Roger BOURGEOIS.

Article visite m bourgeois beaulieu

Mr. BOURGEOIS with Michel BUÉE, the site foreman of the EBTP engineering company

Mr. BOURGEOIS is from Hambures near Smermesnil, during his adolescence he witnessed the events of the Second World War in his village, especially during the years 1943 and 1944 with the bombing of the Coudroy V1 site located a few hundred meters from the family home at the time. He also witnessed the tragedies of Foucarmont, of Preuseville ...

Archives M. Bourgeois - Beaulieu

Mr. BOURGEOIS during his first visit to the Beaulieu site in the late 1970's

After the war, he was one of the first to have an interest in the collection of military objects, local history and, of course, everything that came close to the flying bomb V1 !

He contributed in particular to the Abbot DUFOUR's book " L’enfer des V1 en Seine-Maritime " and now we can rely on him for his presence, his advice and especially his memories and his kindness.


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