L'itinéraire de randonnée historique et de mémoire : histoire et patrimoine V1 en vallées de l'Yères et de la Bresle

Our partners

This ambitious project could not have succeeded without the support of our various partners:

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 Mr. Yannick Delefosse, V1 missile specialist and author of the reference book on the subject "V1 - arme du désespoir".
His help has been essential in the work of research and historical expertise.
He contributed to the scientific dimension of this project.

 The National Forest Office

Viva historia

The Normand Mammological Group

Logo AAFA partenariat The association Antiq'Air Flandres-Artois, specialized in the history of aviation
in the north of France, especially for the period of the Second World War

Logo kahlburg The association "The Wall of the Channel" (in french, "le Mur de la Manche"), specializing in concrete buildings inherited from the Second World War. It runs a former German fortified command post at the Tréport, the Kahl-Burg, a remnant of the Atlantic Wall.

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