L'itinéraire de randonnée historique et de mémoire : histoire et patrimoine V1 en vallées de l'Yères et de la Bresle

The fitting of the Beaulieu - Campneuseville site

The site of Beaulieu, located in the town of Campneuseville, is one of the main sites of the historical and memorial hiking route. This old V1 launching base is a "first type" site, it includes several buildings still preserved. Initiated in mid-May 2018, this work focuses for the moment on the clearing of the various structures of the base, very often hampered by vegetation, or even sometimes buried under the ground. At the end, the Beaulieu site will host several information panels to inform visitors about the characteristics of this base and the history of V1 bombs. A replica of a V1 and a half launching catapult will also be set on the site.

These few photographs will allow you to better understand the progress of work during the spring 2018.

  • The firing bunker during the works

    Located near the launching ramp, the firing bunker is being cleared. It is from this structure that the take off of the V1 was ordered.

  • The firing bunker once the works done

    Highly concreted, semi-buried, the bunker has only one room which is accessed by a small staircase located at the rear of the building. It has an observation window pointed on the firing spot.

  • The launching ramp pointed towards the south of England

    The clearing work is still in progress. On the ground, we can see the slab on which the base of the launching catapult was anchored. In the background, between the walls of protection, is a series of concreted blocks intended to fix the catapult.

  • The network of concrete paths

    The works reveal different concrete paths that organized the base. Here we notice the presence of a circle of ground in the middle of the concrete: it is the location of a tree, left deliberately by the Germans to hide the site.

  • A dwelling building

    Not yet rehabilitated by the works, this semi-buried building served as a place of life for the units deployed on the base. There are several on the site.