L'itinéraire de randonnée historique et de mémoire : histoire et patrimoine V1 en vallées de l'Yères et de la Bresle

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  • The firing station of Guerville

    Here are the photos of the different phases of reconstruction of the firing station of the site V1 Nr161 of Guerville – Pole of Montauban.

    Rebuilt identically by volunteers, in the framework and respect of a scientific approach, with German agglos found at other V1 sites, conifer trunks and tarpaulin, under the «masterpiece» Mr. Yannick DELEFOSSE from the Flanders-Artois Air Association.

    This with the approval of the Aumale-Blangy sur Bresle Interregional Community of Municipalities as part of its «historical hiking route V1».

    All we have to do now is let the time for skating... The generator building and the rinsing shop will also be good restoration bases. Soon may be.

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  • Map for sites V1

    A location map to better identify sites to visit !

    It is not by chance that the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, has retained this area between the valleys of Bresle and Yères for its launch bases. The deep Eu Forest, the railway line and the many forest roads offered all the favourable conditions for this construction site …  but that for us … are not necessarily obvious to find!

    With this new map, find and discover, according to your rhythm, the remains of 19 V1 launch sites built in our territory as well as places full of history.

    Do not hesitate to download it directly here: Map "Itinerary V1"



  • The replica of the launching catapult is ready...

    After several months of work, the conception of the replica of a flying bomb V1 launching catapult was made and placed on the Poteau de Montauban V1 base located in the commune of Guerville.

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  • Guided tour in Beaulieu organized by the Association for Cultural Development and Animation of Rieux

    During the afternoon of the 20th September, about fifty hikers visited the site of Campneuseville-Beaulieu on the occasion of a march organized by the Association for Cultural Development and Animation of Rieux.

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  • European Heritage Days 2018 : guided tours in Guerville V1 site "Poteau de Montauban"

    As part of the European Heritage Days, on 15th and 16th September, the Communauté de Communes Interrégionale Aumale - Blangy-sur-Bresle organized several visits to the former V1 launching base of the Poteau de Montauban, near Guerville. This event was successful.

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